Welcome to Oak Hill Estate

Chief Justice John Marshall’s Historic Home


Have a glass or share a bottle of delicious Barrel Oak Wine while you are surrounded by the breathtaking vistas of Fauquier County’s most historic property.

Make the most of your afternoon in Virginia wine country, enjoy the sun room or courtyard where local musicians often compliment your relaxation with live acoustic music.

Take in the history of one of one of the most important men in U.S. history, John Marshall: cousin and political foe of Thomas Jefferson; master and defender of the United States Supreme Court, whose rulings established the supremacy of judicial review.

The wine bar at Oak Hill Estate is open weekends from late spring to early fall – call us directly at 540-364-6402.  Please remember this is an adult-only experience and pets are not permitted.  If you would like to bring your family including your dog, please visit us across the vineyard at Barrel Oak Winery.

We are happy to offer the Oak Hill property for weddings and other private events.  More info can be found on the drop down menu at the top of the page or contact our Events Marketing and Booking Director.

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