About Brian and Sharon Roeder

Sharon and Brian Roeder

It was almost love at first sight when Sharon & Brian met at Georgetown University’s Master of Science in Foreign Service program orientation on August 27th, 1995. Sharon, having just finished a Fulbright Scholarship teaching English as a Second Language in the former East Germany, had decided based on her experience, to pursue further education and training in international affairs.  The program is notoriously difficult to get into, and had made the cut on her third try– a record at the time.

Brian, who applied, and was finally admitted, after four tries, soon overtook her title of the most tenacious new student of the program. That shared tenacity, is ultimately what cemented their bond as a couple, always striving for the best, reaching for the next goal, achieving and celebrating together.

But, we digress…

Brian sat next to Sharon, on that fateful first day of orientation, when as a devoted student, Brian paid her not one whit of attention. Not. One. Whit.  About a month later, when the early autumn air was just beginning to crisp, and the sunlight had begun to take on a honey golden hue, Sharon walked into their shared Economics class, and Brian was taken.  Cupid’s arrow had made a direct hit. Their relationship began as many do, as study partners, then friends, then something more.

Then on one visit to Brian’s home in the Bay Area, he devised an elaborate plan that led to a proposal in front of a dramatic sea view. The couple married in 2000, with friends and family from the States and abroad present.

In 2005 they decided to reach for the next big goal: a working vineyard and winery in the Virginia Countryside…. And the rest is History.

Brian and Sharon Roeder

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